How To Get More Distance in Disc Golf – Distance is the goal

When you started out playing disc golf, chances are you threw many discs all over into the air and each of those discs went into multiple directions until, you were able to learn how to throw the discs consistently straight and then you learned to throw on a hyzer, an anhyzer, a roller and maybe even a spiked hyzer, what’s next? Distance!

So, now I am going to tell you my advice on how to get more distance in disc golf and hopefully help you to gain 50-75ft in your drives. On to the advice, I hope you enjoy it and it truly helps your game!

Make sure you are using your whole body

Using your whole body behind each of your throws will get you to the highest amount of distance possible or throwing at or closer to the rating of the disc. Why?

Well, consider the science behind the throwing of a disc golf disc, when you are standing still you have an energy level of zero, when you are moving a little bit you might have an energy level of 3,  moving a little more an energy level of 5, not exact numbers but you get the idea your energy level increases along with your movements.

You are building up energy with each movement you make during your throw, pulling your arm all the way back, turning your shoulders, twisting your hips, the x-step, your arm speed, strength and release.

So, as long as you really think about how your body is moving during the the throw you will be able to build up more energy and transfer that energy into the disc.

Okay, so how should I be moving my body?

I’m glad you asked, So, the first thing you need to do is reach all the way back with your arm, you should be turning your head away from the target, so your shoulders are also perpendicular to the target and turned away like your normally would.

Now, you need to have your front foot placed pointing away from the target with your back foot up on it’s heel, this will allow you to get the right amount of momentum needed to build energy with your feet.

You should be walking backwards towards the target and as you are doing so you are twisting your hips and you should also be, very light on your feet. Make sure all of your weight is shifted to your front foot before you throw. You need to keep your feet close together about shoulders width apart during your run up.

As you come closer to the end of the Tee pad you should have your butt check turned towards the target and then you will be bringing your arm through the area between your chest and abdomen keeping the arm as straight as possible as you come through to the end of the throw. 

Next will be talking about grip.

Here is a video I found of Discraft’s Marty Peters helping some average players gain more distance

Using the right grip

So, what grip should you be using?

The power grip! Avoid using the fan grip since, this grip is meant for mid range and putting and doe not impart as much force into the disc. Power grip driving is what you need to use when you are trying to get the maximum amount of distance you can.

When you grip the disc, be sure to have all four fingers around the flight plate and tucked under with the rim, where you place your fingers on the rim will depend on what is more comfortable to you, as long as you are using a power grip you will be gaining the much needed power that you are seeking.

Some people prefer to have all four fingers under the rim pressed firmly against it while, others prefer to have just the middle and index fingers pressed firmly against the rim, still others prefer to have it where the index and pinky finger are just resting against the rim.

You should be using a grip that is firm enough that disc won’t fall out of your hand but, not so tight that you are using too much of your strength. Your thumb should be on top of the flight plate, right around where the firm part of the disc meets the softer part of the disc.   

As, I said earlier the grip and placement of your fingers will depend on what is most comfortable to you and what feels natural but, if are going to throw for distance you should also, be using a power grip over the fan grip.

Do not use too light of a grip, a lighter grip will help with your accuracy, not with your power.

2010 WFDF World Distance Champ Dion Arlyn –  “Unless your a freak of nature like Robbie Bratten, I’d recommend getting all four fingers underneath the rim and having a nice firm grip”

The point of release

So now, that you’ve got your footwork down, you should be fluidly moving as you are doing your run up with the disc and you should be very light on your feet while twisting your hips, making sure to utilize your whole body and not just your legs and arms while you run up to throw your disc.

You should also,understand that you need to be using the power grip, so now on to the point of release from your hand and what your arm should be doing.

After you’ve pulled your arm all the way back as far as you can reach with the disc, you need to bring that arm through your body with a light grip on the disc so you aren’t using to you much of your power to quickly, you should be holding the disc enough that it doesn’t fall out of your hands but, not so tight that you are using too much energy to hold it. Next, you should bring the disc across the area between your chest and abdomen.

As you are bring the disc through between you chest and abdomen you need to be keeping your wrist as straight as possible, do not curl your wrist, or you risk the disc flying out of your hand at an angle and it won’t fly as straight as it would of had you not curled it.

Right as you the disc is going to release from your hand you should be accelerating your movement until the release of the throw as well as remembering to stay relaxed until the last part of the throw.

Then you will be popping your wrist slightly at the last 25% of your throw, this should rip the disc out of your hand and also give you the added momentum needed to gain more distance in your throw.

You do not need very much movement to get the disc to snap out of your hand.

Using a towel will help you avoid chasing down plastic

Using a towel to practice your throw can help you practice the motions of the throwing without having to chase down a bunch of your plastic, start slowly work on a nice fluid motion, then after you have that down, start using the snapping motion you would normally use when throwing.

Use the towel just as you would throw the disc normally, this will help you improve your technique and when you pick up the disc next time you should have a much better throwing technique.

Pro Tip – Work on STRETCHING more often This will help you gain more distance because, when your body moves in a more fluid motion, you can you build up the right amount of energy to transfer into the disc during the release.

Then you will be able to make your disc fly past that 300-350’ or so range, most players seem to be plateauing at, also using resistance bands when your stretching will help to loosen you up as well for the course too.

There you go, my advice on how to get more distance out of your throws, I hope this helped you gain some more distance and I hope you have a great time throwing !

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or advice of your own, thanks for reading this article.

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  1. I want to THANK you for posting this. I had NO IDEA this was even a thing. The words you used, hyser I think was one of them, totally new to my vocabulary. Actually the entire post was so thank you for opening my eyes to a new sport. I REALLY wanna give it a go! and WHAT A GREAT NICHE!!! really cool. You’ll be the leading advice on this topic for sure!
    love & smiles,

    • I glad you found my website and that you’ve found a new passion for disc golf and check out just what the sport is about, I think you will highly enjoy throwing some plastic around once you get out there and throw! The word I used was a Hyzer – “An angle of release where the outside edge or left edge of the disc is tilted downward for a RHBH thrower” The definition according to the Innova Discs website https://www.innovadiscs.com/home/disc-golf-faq/glossary-of-terms/

      Thanks for stopping by

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