Disc Golf Tips For Beginners – Newbies Welcome!

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Disc Golf Tips For Beginners- Newbies Welcome!

So, you’ve just started down the path of learning how to throw a disc golf disc, maybe you are just starting and buying your discs and other gear to play disc golf or maybe you’ve already purchased your discs.

You might have been out throwing a few rounds with your friends but, you are not quite scoring on the cards as well as they are yet, I’ve been there before, we all have. I think with the right guidance and disc golf tips for beginners, you will be well on your way.

So, I am here to hopefully provide this to you, so what are the tips I am going to provide you with today that might just help you on your journey toward to become a better a disc golfer? Well first and foremost, I believe the key to playing better as a beginner in disc golf is having the right discs.. pretty basic right? Should I use an Understable or Overstable disc as a beginner? It can be the difference between throwing 20ft and smashing into a tree or 250ft or more sailing through the air and getting closer to the basket. The next most important tip I think I could give you is, to have the right grip on your disc.

This can be a deciding factor between a solid throw and a wobbly slip out your hand’s style throw.. no, good. Once, you’ve got down your throwing and your grip. You will need to work on your stance and how you move with the disc or follow through and release.

You need to go with the slower disc or the faster more exciting, ones when starting out.

Working on your snap, is going to be the difference between throwing the disc out 250ft+ and throwing a measly 50-100ft

TIP #1

Choosing the right disc for you, as a beginner

You’ve stepped out on the course ready to play, you get ready to throw and you’ve chosen the wrong disc for you. You went with an over-stable disc when you should have chosen the under-stable disc. You go up to throw, launching the disc with everything you’ve you got the disc leaves your hand and flew out but, doesn’t turn over the way it was designed to.

The reason for this? You threw the wrong disc. You should have chosen an over-stable disc as a beginner which means they have less of a chance of turning over in comparison to an under-stable disc. So, the first tip as a beginner is choosing the Over-Stable disc versus the Under-Stable disc.

TIP #2

Do not use the noodle grip

Now, you have the right disc this time you go out to throw with your buddies, that is a good thing choosing the right equipment for the job, is the first step towards doing anything, so now you are on to the next important aspect of playing disc golf as a beginner, that is choosing the right grip for the, right type of drive. If are driving the disc or taking your first initial shot off the tee-pad and throwing the disc for distance you should be using a Power Grip.

If you are throwing the disc for control, you should be using more of a Fan Grip on the disc.

Why? Well, if you use a Fan Grip on the disc this means your fingers are fanned out on the underside of the disc which, equals to loss of the control on a distance drive. If are throwing a short distance like a putt, you should use the fan grip and that in turn will give more control for a short distance or putting shot.

How do you grip the disc for a Power Grip? On the underside of the disc, your fingers will be curled around the edge of the disc with your finger resting against each other as if you are grabbing on to a pole.

How do you grip the disc for a Fan Grip? On the underside of the disc, you will have your fingers fanned out similarly to if you are catching a baseball with a baseball mitt or placing your hand down on pace of paper to draw an outline of it.

TIP #3

Choose a slower disc over a faster one

Almost anyone who chose to start to playing disc golf would think of the disc speed as being a huge deciding factor in choosing a disc that will fly much farther then one that has a lower speed rating, the thing they don’t tell you about or you might realize is the that, the higher rating speed disc are also meant for players that have been playing for a while and have the right over all technique when they throw a disc, so for that reason, you should NOT use a high rated Speed disc as a beginner, instead choose one that has a lower rating of Speed driver like a MVP – Singal, Innova – Sidewinder, Innova – Leapord, or Latitude 64 – River.

beginner discs

TIP #4

Work on your snap

The next more important piece of the puzzle is the SNAP, so what is the snap? The snap is NOT about the noise that the disc makes as it leaves your hand, even though if you throw the disc gripping it hard enough you will hear a snap sound. So what is the Snap?

Well imagine that you took a whip and ripped it back brought it forward and back again, the noise you will hear it a loud CRACK or SNAP so, in terms of disc golf you need to work on your technique, the follow through, the movement of your body and all overall movement of the disc, once you get the disc to snap out of your hand instead of having to release it, like you would in more a traditonal frisbee style. You will be that much closer to getting the disc to do, what it was manufactured to do.


TIP #5

Practice.. Practice.. Practice

The last tip I can give you today is, that you need to get out there and practice, practice, and then practice some more! Seriously have you went out and try to swing a golf club, hockey stick, or kick a soccer ball into a basket? There is a good chance if you have, you didn’t hit the ball of into the distance with the golf club very far, hit the puck into the net without being closer enough to do so without much effort, or kicked the soccer ball into the net at an angle from 30-50ft away from it without missing the net entirely.

Much like all other sports you’ve ever played, you will need to Practice your throws and technique in disc golf ALOT before you will actually see improvement in your game. The game of Disc Golf has a lot to do with more to do with psychics then anything else. So, when you have figured out how to throw the disc properly, get that nice snap on it so it spins out of your hand beautifully and move your body in a fluid way, you will be that much closer to becoming an experienced disc golf player!

Check out my list of the best discs for begginers here

Ask for advice

Oh, and one other thing, DO NOT be afraid to ask questions, many other disc golfers have been in your shoes at one point or another so, if you need some advice on your throws, recommendations on discs to buy, or just some over all advice on disc golfing in general someone will have the knowledge you are seeking.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 5 tips for disc golf beginners.

Please leave any questions or comments you have for me below.

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  1. Justin,
    I used to play regular golf, I am no longer able because of body limitations. I have looked into Disc Golf before. I did not know there was so many choices of disc. I played catch with a Frisbie so many years ago, is the motion much the same.
    Would like to see more pictures of the grip. Are all disc the same size.

    • Awesome! I myself, haven’t played much regular golf. I’ve always been more into disc golf a few other sports.

      There are a ton of choices of discs out there! Thanks, for the feedback on the grips, I will be sure to include that in the post so people can actually see what I mean and better understand the grips, As far as your question about size, no they are not, they range from 120-180 grams.

      That reminds me, I need to make a post on the many choices of discs available but, I found that Infinite Discs, has the a great selection of discs and everything else needed to play the disc golf and tons of awesome colors and sizes to choose from for all levels of players.
      This is the their website here is a Discraft-Archer a great mid range disc for beginners. https://infinitediscs.com/Discraft-Archer

      Thanks for visiting my site

  2. This was informative. I always thought of disc golf as “just frisbee.” I had no idea there was so much more to it than that.

    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. Haha, yeah many people have said that to me now. I guess, the idea that if not for the frisbee we wouldn’t really have disc golf is sort of a tip of the hat to frisbee but, Disc Golf is indeed much more then just throwing a frisbee back and forth with friends and much more fun and competitive so I am glad it was invented and we can all enjoy it!

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