Disc Golf Rules For Beginners – The Rules Of The Course

Disc golf rules for beginnersdisc golfer throwing disc

If you haven’t been throwing a disc golf disc for very long or have never thrown a disc golf disc yet, these disc golf rules for beginners, will help you on your journey towards learning this awesome sport that we all love so much!

When first starting out as a disc golf player or future disc golf enthusiast, you should always learn the rules first before step out onto a course and throw a round of 9 or 18 holes.

The reason why?

Well, Imagine you’ve just started to learn how to learn how to play golf and you’ve just got your new set of clubs, your new bag, you’ve found your course and you are ready to go out and play. You go out the course, you start shooting off balls in a bunch of different directions.

I think you just might end up pissing someone off, or hitting another person as they are in the middle of a swing, maybe even shooting a ball of into the direction of a car or multiple vehicles. That wouldn’t end very well would it?

So, for that reason we have rules in disc golf just, like traditional golf with a club, the rules are there to serve the same purpose as the rules that are found in traditional golf, to prevent people from hitting others with discs, to have a better system and more structure in place and to provide a better overall experience for everyone involved!

Okay, so what are the rules you might be asking me by now?

Rule number one, use common courtesy in disc golf

So just like it sounds, if you notice someone else has already begun to throw their disc, you need to wait your turn before you throw your discs, which basically comes down to being respectful of the other player’s on the course with you.

If your throw your disc when they throw theirs, there is a good chance the disc your threw will end up the line of sight of the other player and at that point he or she may lose sight of their disc and then it will obviously be a pain the ass to find. Which is no fun at all!

Another reason for not throwing your disc when someone else is throwing theirs, is because it will probably be very distracting to them. Could you imagine if everyone was just launching their discs off into the air at the same time? It would be complete chaos and it would seem more like a driving range at that point then a disc golf course!

Rule number two, The Golden Rule – Play the disc where it lies

So, you’ve thrown your disc and it landed behind another player’s disc, another player’s disc landed in front of yours, so that means you throw it where it lies or where your disc landed.

As long as your disc is behind the other player’s discs, you are allowed to the throw again because your are further away from the basket then the other player’s are.

If you have a marker or mini disc to use as a marker you can put that down in place of your disc and throw from that spot, as long as you are not throwing in front of the disc you initially picked up. The marker should be placed in front of the disc you threw to AND must be touching the disc before you lift it off the ground.

You can find list of the best discs for beginners here

Rule number three, you should be keeping score in disc golf

Just like in golf or any other sport to keep the game going and keep it fun, it needs to have an element of competition. If everyone is just playing for fun and throwing the course for practice, there is no need for scorecards or really even keeping score but, if you are out there competing with your friends or fellow disc golf player’s.

You will want to have a score cards and keep track of the scores, so you know who is in what place and the current order of throws.

What is the order of throws in disc golf?

The person who won the last round, had the least amount of the throws to hit the target or basket will be the first up to throw on the next tee pad. The person whos score was just behind theirs will throw after them and so on, until all player’s have had a chance to throw.

Rule number four, when playing with boundaries and obstacles

You’ve stepped up the tee, you’ve launched your disc but, your disc seems to have other plans for where it wants to fly off to and land. It seems to have landed in a tree not very far away from where you threw it about 20-30 feet.

The reason behind this was probably a bad technique and late realize but, many factors could affect the distance you received from your throw. So, it has landed in a tree and now, you need to play from the spot it landed at, if have a marker disc you would place it directly below that spot in the tree before you throw.

Now, you’ve place your disc your marker-mini disc on the ground below where it landed. Depending on what style of play whether recreational or tournament you would add or gain a throw on your score card because you landed out-of-bounds. Some courses will have what is in bounds and out-of-bounds outline on the course map beforehand.

Throw well & have fun!disc golf discs in baskets

Well, I believe I’ve given you some insight into what the rules are for a playing disc golf as a beginner.

I could of easily wrote more about each of the aspects of the rules in disc golf but, for the sake of not taking up too much of your time and long-drawn-out paragraphs, I tried to keep it short.

The next time you go out and throw with your friends and fellow disc golf beginners, you will have a better understanding of the rules involved in the game of disc golf.

Now go out and throw your disc as straight and beautiful as an eagle soaring through the sky!

Please leave any questions or comments you have below, Happy throwing!

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  1. This is a great article outlining several of the important rules for beginning disc golf players. It appears the game is similar to traditional golf from a rules standpoint and sounds as if it’s way more exciting than traditional golf itself. Now, if I could only find a nearby disc golf course!

    • Thanks for you kind words, I am glad you liked it! I would say that it really is quite similar to traditional golf some ways and yes I think it is way more fun and exciting too! Swinging a club and driving in a round in a cart isn’t my thing though 🙂 In my opinion I think it’s the best sport out there and cheapest to get started playing and buy your gear for. If you need discs I would definitely check out Infinite Discs, that is where I go to buy mine online.

      I found this site you can use to locate course near you 🙂

      This is a great disc for beginners you should check out!

    • You are welcome Florin, Thank You for reading my article about rules of disc golf! I think you should really give it a try and once you do come back and tell me how you like it. I’m sure you will find it fun!

  2. OMG I had never heard of Disc Golf!
    I read your title and said “Disc Golf? What the heck is that?”
    I had to watch the video to see what it’s about and I was blown away because I used to play with a frisbee A LOT. And I tell you what, I was pretty darned good at it too. I was extremely accurate with it.
    Disc Golf looks to me like a sport I could actually get involved with and love like most people love their other sports. I’ve never been into football, golf, basketball or any other regular sports but Disc Golf could change the game for me.
    Awesome fun!

    • Yeah, I think you just might have found the sport for you James ha! I am glad I could be of assistance in helping to come to that decision. I am sure after you pick up a few discs and you throw it for a while you will be hooked like the rest of us man. The fact that you were “extremely accurate” with a Frisbee tells me you probably won’t have as steep of learning curve with disc golf as some other people might. Anyways I hope you give it shot and really enjoy it.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. This is a great article that covers the basic rules of Disc Golf in a very simple and easy way. I play Disc Golf myself with friends when it’s a nice sunny day. It’s a very pleasant sport because you can both compete and have lots of fun at the same time. The funniest, most exciting and challenging part of Disc Golf is the obstacles, the way they are made gives a lot of excitement in this sport… The video was a wise choice, as it assembles almost everything about this sport.
    And I really think this article is a good one to read, especially if you are a beginner and just want to start playing Disc Golf.

    • Thanks for checking out the article Altered Soul, I agree it is a pleasant sport and my favorite too! I also, prefer to play when it’s sunny with no wind or less wind, since the wind tends to get in the way of my hyzer & anhyzer shots, when it picks up right after throw. I tried to make make a list of rules for the beginners of disc golf so they could understand them but, the video definitely helps to solidify that understanding and the as far as the obstacles go, they could very well be the best/worse part haha. Throwing through a nice straight row up trees is a great challenge to help you work on your technique though. I am glad you liked it!


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