Disc Golf Driving Tips – How to Drive Better

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Disc Golf Driving Tips – How to Drive Better

When it comes to having a great game of disc golf and throwing on a course in a timely fashion with a nice score at the end, you must have a great driver. It could very well be the difference between throwing a great round and a not-so-great round of disc golf. I myself would prefer to have a great round of disc golf on a course. If you follow these disc golf driving tips, they just might help you, increase your skill and up your game.


Tip #1 Choose the right driver for you

The driver is the first disc you will be throwing when you first step up to the tee pad and also the disc that will give you the most distance, so for that reason, you would be wise to choose a driver that is perfect for you, so as a beginner you are NOT going to want to throw a Boss, Shryke, or a Nitro as these are disc for more advanced level players


recommended discs to practicing your driving:

Back-hand drives for

beginners/intermediate players:


Discraft – Avenger SS:

  • Recommended Plastic: Z-Line
  • Recommended Weight Class: 160-174g
  • balanced stability and high glide performance
  • used for extremely long, gliding turnover drives

Innova – Valkyrie:

  • Recommended Plastic: Champion
  • Champion Recommended Weight Class: 165-175g
  • narrow rim and perfectly balanced Turn and Fade
  •  ideal driver for backhand beginners
  •  superior wind-resistance and distance control

Back-hand drives for advanced players:

Innova – Destroyer

Recommended Plastic: Star 

Recommended Weight Class: 160-175g

  • most commonly used distance driver by the top 15 professional players in the world
  • including 4-time PDGA Champion Paul McBeth 
  •  predictable flight in a wide variety of weather and wind conditions

Forehand Drives – Best Disc for Beginner & Intermediate Players

Innova – Firebird

Recommended Plastic: Champion 

Recommended Weight Class: 170-175g

  • velocity-reducing turbulence
  • relatively wide rim for their Speed class
  • more predictable flight patterns

Forehand Drives – Best Disc for Advanced Players

MPV Disc Sports – Nitro

Recommended Plastic:Neutron

Recommended Weight Class: 160-175g

  • gyroscopic stabilization and off-axis torque
  • high molecular weight material
  • MVP’s gyro effect delays Fade, resulting in longer, straighter finishes for even more distance.
I buy my discs from Infinite Discs .com check out their Innova – Shryke and great selection of other discs here

Tip #2 Grip on the disc

The grip that you choose to use on the disc, is one of the many factors that determine just how far the disc going to go, so as you go up the tee pad and prepare to throw consider, how you are gripping the disc before you rip it out in the air. The grip I recommend that you guys use is the Power Grip, this grip is widely used by many of the pros of the world, as the name suggests you will be holding the disc with a tight enough grip that I won’t easily slip out of your hand when throwing.

This grip is also, widely used by the pros and more often the go to grip of many disc golf players that want more distance out of their throws.

Tip #3 Pull through

When you throw the disc, you should be sure to use your full body and turn all way back so that when you release the disc you are using your full bodies strength and not just the chest muscles or pulling through your chest. To make this more understandable, try not to stay in a compact state with your body.

Try not to grab the disc with both hands, if you have trouble not doing that when you reach back, try to turn your full upper body and mirror left shoulder with your right shoulder. This should give you much more distance and power with your throw. Another way that you can tell that you are pulling through correctly is to crouch over just a little bit and come through your core area.

My list of the best discs for beginners can be found here

Tip #4 Look away

Once you’ve reached your arm all the way back and have a good grip on the disc you should be turning away from the target to the point where you are no longer looking at the target for a split second or so, that’s okay as long as you have the disc in the right position, the release should come out perfectly.

Tip #5 Throw standing still

Head out to an open drive with NO other disc golfers around so, you can’t hit them when you start practicing, get into the stance you need, to practice and start working on your pull through and look away. Remember to keep the disc close to your core and as you pull through to turn your whole body and NOT just your shoulders when you get ready to release the disc make sure to use the muscles of your arms as well.

Now, you will need to incorporate your legs into the pull through, as you move your upper body you will want to shift the weight from your back leg to your front leg causing your foot in the back to pivot inward and generating a ton more power, after doing this many times over you will be well on your way to having a much more solid and distance drive down the fairway.

Tip #6 Follow Through

A mistake that many beginner disc golfers tend to make is that when they are ready to release the disc into the air, they will have their arm up in the air and this, in turn, makes your disc fly way up into the air, not surprisingly. So, when you get to the end of your throw, try to keep your arm low and that way your disc doesn’t go up in the air and boomerang back at you or off into the wooded or watery areas.

You should be finishing your throw below or at your shoulder length. Another way to improve your through is to let your body weight or counterweight pick your head up after you throw, after your reach back and come through your back shoulder will lift your head up facing towards the target. Keep your head down during your entire throw, reach all the way back and as you pull through your back shoulder will pick up your head.

In conclusion

If you use the tips I’ve given you next time you are out on the course and you remember to always, grip the disc with a solid firm grip using the power grip or any other grip you like and the disc will be less likely to have the disk slip away from you.

Using the follow through and make sure you turn your whole body and use your arms strength and not just rely on your upper body strength to throw the disc you should be driving way further. Also, choosing the correct disc for your skill level is always a good choice when starting out. I hope these disc golf driving tips have helped you and that your game improves after reading this.

Now get out there and practice!

Leave any questions or comments below and I will be happy to assist you.

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